Fairchild is a great place to relax and spend the day with family and friends. Here at Fairchild, we want to make sure that learning is at the center of everything we do. And, we know that fun and engaging activities is the best way to learn. Our activities encourage learning through fun, interactive and truly hands-on experiences. 


Wings of the Tropics

Enjoy having hundreds of butterflies from all over the tropical world fluttering around you? Want to learn everything there is about these winged wonders? Then come to the Wings of the Tropics exhibit for an exciting and interactive learning experience that will make your kids beg you to bring them back. 

Do you know what a proboscis is? Did you know butterflies taste plants with their feet? What is the difference between a cocoon and a chrysalis? Our expertly-trained volunteers are ready to answer these questions and help you identify exotic butterflies from all over the world. 

Stop at the windows of the Vollmer Metamorphosis Lab and discover butterflies and moths transforming right before your eyes! Every visit will be different and you will learn about their complete life cycle. Here's a preview of what you'll be doing: Atala life cycle.

Stop by the Discovery Cart and participate in games such as the Butterfly Body Parts. If you have any questions don't doubt to ask one of the volunteers.

When:   Daily, 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Where:  Loggia of the Wings of the Tropics exhibit

Want to keep learning about butterflies when you're home? Print out the Butterfly Bonanza coloring book.

Early-Bird Walks

Please remember to wear comfortable shoes, be ready for a 45 minute walk, and bring your binoculars! If you don't have a pair, you can borrow them from us. Visit the Information Desk at the Shehan Visitor Center upon arrival to borrow binoculars. Please note that this program is seasonal. 

When: Every Saturday and Sunday from September 30 through November 26
Time: 7:30  to 9:30 a.m.
Where:  Departs from the South Gate entrance