Education Volunteers

Education volunteers work with Fairchild's Education staff to introduce children of all ages to hands-on, interactive environmental education. Explorer and Discovery program volunteers need to be available from 9:15 a.m to 1:15 p.m on the same weekday each week for the school year. 

Explorer Program
Volunteers guide small groups of students in grades K-5 as they explore selected areas of Fairchild together. Programs titled 'Our Native Ecosystems’ and, 'Tropical Rainforest Exploration’ highlight plant variety and importance whereas 'Nature and Me', ‘Secret Lives of Plants’ and 'Butterflies, Botany and Beyond' focus on plant reproduction, and the importance of pollinators and other plant-animal relationships. 

"... the butterflies was having a tea party."

"One thing I learned was that plants can breathe also I did not know that there were so many different kinds of Flowers."

"You where the best volunteers ever."

Discovery Program
Volunteers introduce students in grades 6-12 to concepts such as biodiversity, symbiosis and biomimicry. Students use maps, compasses and GPS technology to locate activity stations that are staffed by volunteers. The volunteers interact with the students, assisting them as they discover nature's secrets in the Garden.

 “Thank you for this opportunity to learn about native and non-native butterflies!! We all had an amazing experience. We learned a lot from this field trip. We thank you for volunteering and taking your time to teach us!”


The Fairchild Challenge
Designed for students of diverse interests and talents, The Fairchild Challenge is an interdisciplinary competition for elementary, middle and high school students. Students become informed, engaged citizens as they earn points for their schools by participating in a wide range of environmental activities which may include designing and planting a school garden, participating in a debate on environmental issues, or creating art, poetry or music to celebrate the environment. 

Interested in becoming an Education Volunteer? Please come to our next Volunteer Information Event to learn how you can join this incredible group of volunteer educators.