Commemorative Bench Dedication Policy

 Commemorative Benches may be dedicated with a gift to Fairchild of $5,000, which includes reasonable maintenance and a 2” x 8” bronze plaque that the donor can dedicate. Periodic movement of the bench due to festivals and severe weather should be expected.

Commemorative Benches are made of teak, and vary in style depending on the area of the Garden where they are located. The style and location of benches in the Garden is chosen by Fairchild Staff and Directors in conjunction with our Master Plan

Memorial benches will remain in place until such time that they are unsafe are aesthetically unacceptable (it is reasonable to expect approximately five years, given South Florida’s hot and humid conditions). Should a bench require removal, the donor will be informed. Should the donor choose to replace the bench, one can be obtained at the future stated donation price.

A list of available bench locations can be obtained by making an appointment.Our Master Plan designates that only certain areas permit the placement of benches. Every effort is made to accommodate the wishes of our donors. We regret that we may not be able to accept all requests for memorial bench placement and know that you will understand that the number, style and location of benches we select is a major consideration as we strive to keep Fairchild attractive and in agreement with the Master Plan.