Tree Dedication Policy


It is our primary goal to ensure the quality of our collections and plant specimens, and we will work diligently to maintain the long-term viability of your dedicated tree. However, Acts of Nature and other circumstances may cause damage to the tree requiring its removal. If a tree is removed for any reason other than Acts of Nature of horticultural viability, we will swiftly notify you and discuss with you a comparable replacement. Please note that a dedicated tree does not constitute ownership by a donor nor does it preclude Fairchild from conducting its operations as it deems necessary.

Donors are required to choose their dedication from an existing list of available trees. Trees’ values are based on their historical and botanical significance and placement within the landscape. Donation amounts are stated for each tree. We will guarantee your dedication for two years. Dedication plaques contain botanical information about the tree along with your inscription. We will work with you on your message to ensure that it meets proper standards, while reserving the right to refuse obscene, suggestive or inappropriate language. We suggest that you keep your message to no more than 20 words.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Donor Services at or at 305-667-1651 Ext. 3309.