Available Tribute Trees

Pre-Selected Trees

These pre-selected trees are ready for your tribute. Trees’ values are based on their historical and botanical significance and placement within the landscape. Donation amounts are stated for each tree.  

Attalea crassispatha

Endangered in its native Haiti, only 25-30 plants are believed to exist.

Donation amount: $5,000

Dedicate an Attalea crassispatha Now  


Ceiba pentandra

A beautiful flowering tree that will grow to have distinctive large buttress roots.

Donation amount: $3,000

Dedicate a Ceiba pentandra Now  


Copernicia ekmanii

Endemic to northern Haiti, where it is extremely rare. This plant was collected on a Fairchild expedition to Haiti.

Donation amount: $1,000


Dedicate a Copernicia ekmanii Now  




Copernicia fallaensis

Native to Cuba. Largest palm of its genus. Its population has been decreased by over-exploitation.

Donation amount: $3,000

Dedicate a Copernicia fallaensis Now


Dracaena draco 

A spectacular tree located in a central location of Fairchild.

Donation amount: $5,000

Dedicate a Dracaena draco Now


Euphorbia punicea

This lovely tree is endemic to Jamaica and flowers almost all year.

Donation amount: $1,000

Dedicate a Euphorbia punicea Now


Guaiacum sanctum

Known as lignum vitae, tree of life', this tree is native to tropical America including South Florida. The tree has beautiful purple flowers followed by yellow fruits with red arils.

Donation amount: $1,000



Portlandia grandiflora

Native to Jamaica this shrub has large white flowers and dark green leaves.

Donation amount: $1,000

Dedicate a Portlandia grandiflora Now


Quercus virginiana 

Our native live oak is host to epiphytic plants and wildlife. It is an extremely durable and handsome shade tree.

Donation amount: $5,000

Dedicate a Quercus virginiana Now


Sabal maritima 

Native to Jamaica and Cuba, this solitary palm will grow to 50' tall. This plant was grown from seed collected by Fairchild staff in Jamaica in 1993.

Dedicate a Sabal maritima Now

Ready-to-Plant Trees

If you're looking to plant a tree as part of your dedication, we offer smaller trees for this purpose. Tree species vary and will be planted in accordance with our Landscape Plan and in consultation with our Horticulture Staff. 

Tribute Tree Policy

It is our primary goal to ensure the quality of our collections and plant specimens, and we will work diligently to maintain the long-term viability of your dedicated tree. However, Acts of Nature and other circumstances may cause damage to the tree requiring its removal. If a tree is removed for any reason other than Acts of Nature of horticultural viability, we will swiftly notify you and discuss with you a comparable replacement. Please note that a dedicated tree does not constitute ownership by a donor nor does it preclude Fairchild from conducting its operations as it deems necessary.

Donors are required to choose their dedication from this existing list of available trees. Trees’ values are based on their historical and botanical significance and placement within the landscape. Donation amounts are stated for each tree. We will guarantee your dedication for two years. Dedication plaques contain botanical information about the tree along with your inscription. We suggest that you keep your message to no more than 20 words. We will work with you on your message to ensure that it meets proper standards, while reserving the right to refuse obscene, suggestive or inappropriate language. 

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Donor Services at donorservices@fairchildgarden.org or at 305-667-1651 Ext. 3309.