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The diverse, natural areas at Fairchild provide excellent foraging and nesting grounds for breeding, wintering, migrating and year round birds.  Perhaps you have encountered some of our fine feathered friends including the Anhinga, Red-shouldered Hawk or the White Ibis while exploring the James A. Kushlan Bird Conservation Trail.

With a donation of $50, Fairchild will send your gift recipient the following:

  • A personalized digital certificate providing information on your selected species
  • A letter commemorating your generosity

Choose from One of Three Amazing Birds


Sometimes called the snakebird, the Anhinga can often be seen stretching its neck and drying its wings on a sturdy branch.

Adopt an Anhinga Now 

Red-shouldered Hawk

This just might be the most vocal and viewed hawk at Fairchild. You will often see and hear the Red-shouldered Hawk when you walk through the Richard H. Simons Rainforest, a favorite hunting ground for this bird.

Adopt a Red-shouldered Hawk Now

White Ibis

The next time you visit Fairchild, notice the White Ibis probing the lawn and lake margins for food. These amazing wading birds use their downward curved, reddish bill to find their food.

Adopt a White Ibis Now

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