by Jeff Wasielewski 

Pruning is done to control size or shape, to promote flower and fruit production, to remove unhealthy portions of a plant and to open trees up to make them less likely to fall or break apart during a severe wind event. True pruning is an art which takes intelligence, time and thought. Before you make your first cut, study the plant's natural shape and try to picture this plant in three to four years. Try to maintain that shape in your mind as you prune. This will help you to make the sometimes difficult decisions associated with pruning. Pruning large trees to bring them down to size is not an acceptable reason to prune (except in the case of some fruit trees) and can be remedied by putting the right tree in the right location: choose a tree that will grow to the height you want, don't try to maintain the height by heavy pruning. Pictured: An oak just after a proper pruning.  

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