Welcome Home: Gardening

Home gardening has never been more popular. Whether your garden is the size of a farm or a windowsill, you can grow the freshest edibles and the most amazing ornamentals. Let Fairchild serve as your resource for choosing the most suitable plants for your landscape. Along the way, we can help advise you on nurturing and caring for your garden.

South Florida falls in the USDA’s Plant Hardiness Zone 10b. Though problems like frost are almost never an issue here, there are some special considerations for nurturing a garden here in the sub-tropics. Many people new to the area may not be aware, for example, of our “reversed” growing season for some garden plants like tomatoes; summers are too harsh here for them and many other plants easily grown during more temperate summers, but the same plants thrive during South Florida winters!

Gardening is great for you! Exercise, increased mobility, contact with fresh air and the outdoors are all benefits of gardening at home. Studies have even shown improved mood and decreased anxiety in people who garden. Not to mention the magnificent plants you get. So get out and start gardening.

Here are a few home gardening ideas to get you started. 

Gardening How To's
Creating an Edible Garden 
Creating a Native Plant Garden 
Gardening for Wildlife 

And, here are a few resources to prepare your home garden for hurricanes, cold weather and water restrictions (as needed).