Propagation by Division  

by Jeff Wasielewski

Division is among the simplest types of propagation. May through September is the best time to do division, but it can be done successfully in other warm months. Division is suitable for plants such as bromeliads and orchids, as well as, bananas, gingers, heliconias and bamboo. These types of plants naturally multiply as they grow (bromeliads and orchids) or clump by sending out rhizomes (bananas, gingers, heliconias and bamboo). The plantlets produced by the bromeliads or orchids can be carefully removed when they are approximately 1/3 the size of the parent plant. These plantlets will grow into mature plants on their own if placed in well draining potting media and watered sufficiently. Clumping plants grow from the center of the plant out, so the best place to get new plant material is on the perimeter of the plant. When dividing a clumping plant, it is sometimes only necessary to get one or two rhizomes in order to make a new plant. These rhizomes are then planted in a well draining potting media and watered sufficiently.