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The Tropical Garden reaches people devoted to gardening, the outdoors, horticulture, botany, science, landscaping, nature, natural history and all the delights of gardening that make it such a growing passion and pastime in Florida and far beyond. The Tropical Garden is an award-winning (writing, photography and design), full-color publication.

Each issue of the full-color magazine includes features on everything from botany, horticulture, agriculture, botanical exploration, conservation and noteworthy topics related to the world of tropical plants—from Florida's backyards to the larger, global environment.

Current issue contents
Volume 73, No. 2 (August 2018)

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Features in the Current Issue

Count on Stone to Weather the Storm by Georgia Tasker
Other Stones for your Garden by Georgia Tasker
Exploring Thailand by Chad Husby, Ph.D. and Brett Jestrow, Ph.D.
The Garden Renaissance Continues by Georgia Tasker and Kenneth Setzer
The Isabel J. Foster Fern Glade by Jennifer Possley
Coming Soon: Growing Beyong Earth Innovation Studio by Carl E. Lewis, Ph.D. and Amy Padolf

Highlights from our Departments

Upcoming events at Fairchild
Conservation and Staff News
Volunteers in Action
Tropical Cuisine: Hurricane Curry in a Hurry
What to do in your Garden by Month
The Topical Garden: Survive the Heat
Book Review: The Food Explorer
From the Archives: Alexander Graham Bell Fairchild, Tropical Entomologist
Behind the Sce​nes with Fairchild Nursery Manager Marlon Rumble
Classes at Fairchild—the full list of our ever-popular classes in cooking, photography, horticulture, art, and more

Our writers and science staff regularly report on their expeditions—both locally and globally—to rescue imperiled plants and restore them to their native environments. In addition, we present results of research done at the Garden on topics like the DNA mapping of the mango to ensure its future survival, as well as our propagation of Florida's native and endangered orchids as part of Fairchild's The Million Orchid Project.

Fairchild's work is reported on by organizations ranging from local media to National Geographic. Our partners include local municipalities and Miami-Dade County public schools involved in The Million Orchid Project, to NASA, with whom Fairchild is researching plants best suited for growth in space-station conditions to ultimately provide astronauts the ability to be self-sustaining.

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