Resources for Volunteers


Volunteer Core Classes

Volunteer Core Classes are required for all Volunteers and are offered twice yearly, in the Fall and the Spring. You are encouraged to take them as soon as you can. Upon completion, you will earn a Fairchild Ambassador Pin!  

There are currently no Core Classes scheduled. Please check in with the Volunter Department for more information.





Additional Resources

Training Materials: 
Chocolate Festival Volunteer Training
Cacao Handout for Volunteer Training
Tropical Rainforest LEAF Training

Art at Fairchild:
Harvest the Wind
Franca at Fairchild
Lee Adams

Suggested reading for all volunteers:

The Fairchild Tropical Garden: A Memoir
William Lyman Phillips, 1958.

The World Was My Garden: Travels of a Plant Explorer
David G. Fairchild, 1938.

Garden Islands of the Great East: Collecting Seeds from the Philippines and Netherlands India in the Junk 'Chêng Ho
David G. Fairchild, 1943.

The World Grows Round My Door; The Story of The Kampong, a Home on The Edge of the Tropics
David G. Fairchild, 1947.

Exploring for Plants
David G. Fairchild, 1930.