Peer-reviewed research articles published in 2016 - 2019

Fairchild's Science Program is a world-wide leader in tropical botany, conservation and horticulture. During 2015 - 2019 scientists and students associated to the Garden have been producing a large number of ground breaking, peer-reviewed scientific publications. They are listed below. * = Graduate student . ** = Undergraduate student. *** = BioTech High School student

*Borrero, H., Álvarez, J.C., Oviedo Prieto, R., and Liu, H. 2018. Specialized herbivory on inflorescence stalks of Trichocentrum undulatum (Orchidaceae) by Melanagromyza sp. (Diptera: Agromyzidae) in Cuba. Lankesteriana 18: 189-192.


*Calonje, M., Meerow, A.W., Griffith, M.P., Salas-Leiva, D., Vovides, A.P., Coiro, M., and Francisco-Ortega, J. 2019. A time-calibrated species tree phylogeny of the New World cycad genus Zamia L. (Zamiaceae, Cycadales). International Journal of Plant Sciences 180: 286-314.


Carvalho, J.A., L. Rico, A. Santos-Guerra, M.C. Duarte, M.M. Romeiras, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2018. Echium nervosum, Boraginaceae. Curtis's Botanical Magazine 35: 63-73.

*Commock, T., P. Rose, K.N. Gandhi, K.S.E. Campbell, K.J. Wurdack, J. Francisco-Ortega, and B. Jestrow. 2017. Typification and nomenclature of five taxa endemic to Jamaica. Harvard Papers in Botany 22: 137-140. PDF.

*Commock, T., P. Rose,  K.S.E. Campbell, B. Jestrrow, and J. Francisco-Ortega 2018. Jamaica's endemic plant genera: Updates in research, taxonomic knowledge, phytogeography and conservation. Webbia 73: 245-266.

*Downing, J., *H. Borrero, and H. Liu. 2016. Differential impacts from an extreme cold spell on subtropical vs tropical specialist bees in southern Florida. Ecosphere 7: e01302.

Downing, J., H. Liu, S. Shao, X. Wang, M. McCorming, R. Deng & J. Gao. 2017. Contrasting changes in biotic interactions of orchid populations subject to conservation introduction vs. conventional translocation in Tropical China. Biological Conservation 212: 29-38..

Duquesnel, J.A., J. Maschinski, R. McElderry, G.D. Gann, K. Bradley and E. Cowan. 2017. Sequential augmentation reveals life history and suitable conditions for colonization of the rare mahogany mistletoe in South Florida. Restoration Ecology 25: 516-523

*Flickinger, J.A. 2018. A new species of Eugenia (Myrtaceae) from the island of Anguilla. Harvard Papers in Botany 23: 213-216. PDF.

*Fotinos, T.D., T. Clase, A. Veloz, F. Jimenez, M. P. Griffith, and E.J.B. Von Wettberg. 2016. A minimally invasive, automated procedure for DNA extraction from epidermal peels of succulent cacti (Cactaceae). Haseltonia 22: 46-47.

Francisco-Ortega, J., Swan, M., Cinea, W., Beaussejour, N., Korber, N., Latham, J. & Jestrow, B. 2018. David Fairchild's plant hunting expeditions in Haiti. Huntia 17: 5-35.

Francisco-Ortega, J., L. Brouillet, G. Hall, A. Santos-Guerra, P. Suárez-Martín, and L. Sánchez-Pinto. 2017. Brother Marie-Victorin in the Canary Islands in 1929. Webbia 72: 53-61.

Hu, G., K. J. Feeley, and M. Yu. 2016. Habitat fragmentation drives plant community assembly processes across life stages. PLoS One 11: e0159572.

Idárraga, Á., Á. J. Duque-Montoya, and K. Feeley. 2016. Divergent drivers of tree community composition in lowland and highland forests of the northern tropical Andes, Colombia. Actualidades Biológicas 38: 145-156

Jestrow, B., B. Peguero, F. Jiménez, W. Cinea, M. Hass, A. Reeve, A.W. Meerow, A.P. Griffith, M. Maunder, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2016. Genetic diversity and differentiation of the Critically Endangered Hispaniolan palm Coccothrinax jimenezii M.M. Mejía & R.G. García based on novel SSR markers. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 66: 216-223.

Jestrow, B., B. Peguero, F. Jiménez, R. Verdecia, L. González-Oliva, C.E. Moya, W. Cinea, A.W. Meerow, A.P. Griffith, M. Maunder, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2018. A conservation framework for the Critically Endangered endemic species of the Caribbean palm Coccothrinax. Oryx 52: 452-463.

Korber, N., J. M. Nassar, J. Mosely, B. Jestrow, C. Lewis, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2016. The last plant hunting expedition of David Fairchild: Venezuela and Colombia (March–April 1948). Brittonia 68: 170–186 .

Liu, H. 2018. China has taken a major multi-lateral initiative this summer toward wild orchid conservation. Orchid Conservation 2: 3-5.

*Machovina, B. L., K. J. Feeley, and B. J. Machovina. 2016. UAV remote sensing of spatial variation in banana production. Crop and Pasture Science 67: 1281-1287

Maschinski, J., C. Walters, J. Possley, and D. Hazelton.  2018. Improving success of rare plant seed reintroductions: A case study of Dalea carthagenesis var. floridana, a rare legume with dormant seeds.  Restoration Ecology 26:636-641.

Maschinski, J., J. Possley, J. Lange, O. M. Monsegur Rivera, and K. D. Heineman.  2018. Evaluating seed-banking capacity and propagation of endangered Sierra Bermeja grasses: Aristida chaseae and Aristida portoricensis. Caribbean Naturalist Special Issue 2: 76-89.

*McElderry, R.M. 2016. Seasonal life history trade-offs in two leafwing butterflies: Delaying reproductive development increases life expectancy. Journal of Insect Physiology 87: 30-34.

Meerow, A.W., Salas-Leiva, D., *Calonje, M., Griffith M.P., Nakamura, K., Francisco-Ortega, J., Jiménez-Rodríguez, F., and Oberli, A. 2018. Contrasting demographic history and population structure of Zamia (Cycadales: Zamiaceae) on six islands of the Greater Antilles suggests a model for population diversification in the Caribbean clade of the genus. International Journal of Plant Sciences 179: 730-757.

Meerow, A.W., Salas-Leiva, D., Francisco-Ortega, J. Griffith, M.P., *Calonje, M., Stevenson, Wm., and Nakamura K. 2018. Phylogeography and conservation genetics of the Caribbean Zamia clade: an integrated systematic approach with SSRs and single copy nuclear genes. Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden 117: 278-296.

Miller, J.S., P. P. Lowry II, J. Aronson, S. Blackmore, K. Havens, and J. Maschinski. 2016. Conserving biodiversity through ecological restoration: the potential contributions of botanical gardens and arboreta. Candollea 71: 91-98.

Molero, J., M.M. Romeiras, M.C. Duarte, A. Santos-Guerra, B. Jestrow, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2018. Euphorbia tuckeyana. Euphorbiaceae. Curtis's Botanical Magazine 35: 166-189.

Moriuchi, K.S., M.L. Friesen, M.A. Cordeiro, M. Badri, W.T. Vu, B.J. Main, M.E. Aouani, S.V. Nuzhdin, S.Y. Strauss, and E.J.B. Von Wettberg. 2016. Salinity adaptation and the contribution of parental environmental effects in Medicago truncatula. PLOS One 11: e0150350. 

Motes, M. 2016. The genus Vanda (Orchidaceae: Aeridinae) in the Philippines: two new species and a key to the species in the archipelago. Lankesteriana 16: 335-343.

Motes, M. L. M. Gardiner, and D. L. Roberts. 2016. The identity of spotted Vanda denisoniana. Orchid Review 124: 228-233. 

Murphy, V., T. Clase, R.A. Rodríguez-Peña, F. Jiménez-Rodríguez, B. Jestrow, C.E. Husby, and M.P. Griffith. 2016. Conservation horticulture for yarey palm and buccaner palm: substrate and sowing depth affect germination and early seedling growth. HortTechnology 26: 811-815.

Korber, N., J.M. Nassar, J. Mosely, B. Jestrow, C. Lewis, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2016. The last plant hunting expedition of David Fairchild: Venezuela and Colombia (March-April 1948). Brittonia 68: 170-186.

*Oleas NH, A.W. Meerow, and J. Francisco-Ortega J. 2016. Genetic structure of the threatened Phaedranassa schizantha Baker. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 182: 169-179.

*Oleas NH, Feeley K, Fajardo J, Meerow AW, Gebelein J, and Francisco-Ortega J. 2019. Muddy boots beget wisdom: a cautionary tale for plant species distribution models. Diversity 11, 10. PDF

Perez, T.M., J.T. Stroud, and K.J. Feeley. 2016. ECOLOGY Thermal trouble in the tropics. Science 351: 1392-1393.

Possley, J., S. Hodges, E. Magnaghi, and J. Maschinski.  2016.  Distribution of Croton linearis in Miami-Dade County preserves with potential for supporting the federally endangered butterflies Strymon acis bartrami and Anaea troglodyte floridalis.  Natural Areas Journal 36: 81-87.

*Rehm, E. M. and J. J. Feeley. 2016. Seedling transplants reveal species-specific responses of high-elevation tropical treeline trees to climate change. Oecologia 181: 1233–1242.

Ren, H., H. Qin, Z. Ouyang, X. Wen, X. Liu, H. Liu et al. 2019. Progress of implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation in (2011-2020) China. Biological Conservation 230: 169-178.

Rico, L., M.C. Duarte, M.M. Romeiras, A. Santos-Guerra, C. Nepi, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2017. Joseph D. Hooker's 1939 Cape Verde collections. Curtis's Botanical Magazine 34: 146-168.

Romeiras, M.M., M.C. Duarte, J. Francisco-Ortega, L. Catarino, and P. Havik. 2018. Recovering plant data for Guinea-Bissau: Implications for biodiversity knowledge of West Africa. Diversity 10, 109.


Rose, P.E., Campbell, K.S.St.E., Commock, T, Korber, N., Latham, J.M., Swan, M., Jestrow, B, and Francisco-Ortega, J. 2017. David Fairchild's expedition to Jamaica on board Utowana. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 144: 139-152.

Salas-Leiva, D.E., A.W. Meerow, *M. Calonje, J. Francisco-Ortega, M. Patrick Griffith, K. Nakamura, V. Sánchez, L. Knowles, and D. Knowles. 2017. Shifting quaternary migration patterns in the Bahamian archipelago: Evidence from the Zamia pumila complex at the northern limits of the Caribbean island biodiversity hotspot. American Journal of Botany 104: 757-771.

Salazar, A.J., J. Maschinski, J. Possley, and K.D. Heineman. 2018. Seed germination of 53 species from the globally imperiled pine rockland ecosystem of South Florida, US: effects of storage, phylogeny and life-history traits. Seed Science Research 28: 82-92.

Santiago-Valentín, E., **B.J. Francois, G. Hall, L. Brouillet, and J. Francisco-Ortega. 2016. Images Floristiques Portoricaines: El diario del viaje a Puerto Rico del Hermano Marie-Victorin, 1942. Revista del Jardín Botánico Nacional 37: 121-143.

*Stroud, J. and J.B. Losos. 2016. Ecological opportunity and adaptive radiation. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 47: 507-532.

*Tiernan, N.M. and F.A. Michelangeli. 2018. A revision of the Miconia ulmarioides Miconia ulmaroides complex (Melastomataceae: Miconieae). Brittonia 70: 455-477.

Trotta, L.B., B. Baiser, J. Possley, D. Li, J. Lange, S. Martin, and E.B. Sessa. 2018. Community phylogeny of the globally critically imperiled pine rockland ecosystem. American Journal of Botany 105:1735-1747.

Wendelberger, K.S. and J. Maschinski. 2016. Assessing microsite and regeneration niche preferences when introducing an endangered species. Plant Ecology. 217:155-167.

*Weremijewicz, J., ***J.I. Almonte, ***V.S. Hilaire, ***F.D. Lopez, ***S.H. Lu, ***S.M. Marrero, ***C.M. Martinez, ***E.A. Zarate, ***A.K. Lam, ***S.A.N. Ferguson, ***N.Z. Petrakis, ***K.A. Peeples, ***E.D. Taylor, ***N.M. Leon, ***C.Valdes, M.Hass, A.B. Reeve, D.T. Palow, and *J.L. Downing. 2016. Microsatellite primers for two threatened orchids in Florida: Encyclia tampensis and Cyrtopodium punctatum (Orchidaceae). Applications in Plant Sciences 4: 1500095.

Yang, F.S., A.H. Sun, J. Zhu, J.L. Downing, JL, and H. Liu. 2017. Impacts of host trees and sowing conditions on germination success and a simple ex situ approach to generate symbiotic seedlings of a rare epiphytic orchid endemic to Hainan Island, China. Botanical Review 83: 74-86.

Zona, S., K. Finch, T. Clase, and B. Jestrow. 2016. A synopsis of Salvia sect. Gardoquiiflorae (Lamiaceae), with a note on the origins of Caribbean Salvia species. Phytotaxa 255: 214-226.


Zona, S., M. Hass, M. Fickerova, S. Mardonovich, K. Sanderford, J. Francisco-Ortega, and B. Jestrow 2018. Mainland and island populations of Coccothrinax argentata (Arecaceae): revisiting a common garden experiment in its 18th year. Systematic Botany 43: 153-161.

Last updated: April 20, 2019