Tamarind Tree (Tamarindus indica)

The tamarind is native to the tropical Africa, and grows in India, Thailand, Caribe, and America.  In Trinidad and Jamaica, tamarind is a popular refreshing snack. Asians, particularly in Thailand and India, have a long tradition of eating and cooking with tamarind. So many people it seems use this fruit to create delicious salsas, chutneys and sauces.

The tamarind fruit is actually a pod, being smooth and brittle to the touch; inside the pasty flesh clings tightly to the hardened dark-brown seeds. The tamarind tree grows easily in South Florida and requires little care. The fruiting season in Florida is February to May but there is often a tree here or there with fruit out of the normal season. Tamarind paste is also available year-round in Asian specialty stores. Tamarind is adapted to a wide range of ecological conditions, reflecting its wide geographical distribution in the semi-arid tropics.

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