Mango (Mangifera indica)

The Florida mango has but a short century of history; varieties such as ‘Haden’, ‘Tommy Atkins’, ‘Keitt’, ‘Kent’ embody the mango of Florida, with flamboyant colors and excellent productivity.

‘Haden’ is still a Florida favorite, but due to its exaggerated tree size and disease susceptibility, we have better choices. It is time for a change in the way we look at mangoes. Quality mango trees are available in South Florida that meets your needs and Fairchid Tropical Botanic Garden encourages growing trees with a manageable size, excellent productivity, disease resistance and flavor. ‘Angie’, ‘Jean Ellen’, ‘Cogshall’, ‘Fairchild’, ‘Manilita’, ‘Mallika’, ‘Nam Doc Mai’, ‘Nelum’ and ‘Rosigold’ are a new generation of varieties that can provide all that the modern homeowner desires.

Every back yard in South Florida presents an opportunity to grow mangoes. There is always a place for one or two mango trees. Today we have small, manageable landscape trees that yield an ample harvest of beautiful and delicious fruit and disease tolerant cultivars provide unprecedented opportunities for organic production to provide vital nutrition to our families. Superior manageability, production and quality provide for local marketing of superior cultivars.

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Mango Videos

Watch Senior Curator of Tropical Fruit Dr. Richard J. Cambell talk about mango pruning, fertilization and harvesting in these informative videos.

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