Tropical Apricot in South Florida

The tropical apricot (Mammea americana) is one of the best kept tropical fruit secrets of Tropical America. No relation to the true temperate apricot of the northern climes, this fruit is a bit of a challenge, but worth the effort. A handsome evergreen, it resembles a southern magnolia at first glance and naturally forms a pyramidal, pleasing canopy. The tree is densely foliaged with glossy, leathery leaves of hunter green. The tree is a great asset in the home landscape that will provide a point of pride among your neighbors. Native to the West Indies and northern South America, the tree produces large, round brown fruit, with a deep orange flesh.

The flesh is highly fragrant with a flavor of apricot and berries and can be eaten fresh or used to prepare jellies, preserves, or sherbets. The fruit is eaten while the flesh is still firm and the fruit will maintain their attractive flesh color for hours or even days. 

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