Growing Beyond Earth featuring The Space Chile: Grow A Pepper Plant Challenge

Did you ever wonder what astronauts eat?  Where their food comes from?  Did you know that no matter what astronauts eat, they have a hard time tasting anything?  That's why we need your help!  

Join NASA researcher, Jacob Torres for the Space Chile: Grow A Pepper Plant Challenge. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept: Grow a pepper plant indoors and share with us how to grow them. Here is your opportunity to make a contribution to Jacob's research.

Your Goal: Grow the Hottest Chile Pepper using methods NASA would use to grow peppers in Space, on the Moon, or on Mars!

The Space Chile Grow A Pepper Plant Challenge Intro

The Home Made Hydroponic Cup

Growing in a Pot and Soil (Easy)


To receive your own chile pepper seeds for free, and try the challenge, Register Here

You will have the opportunity to follow the horticultural recommendations provided to grow red or green chile in a controlled environment (indoors). Once you’ve grown your chile, send a sample to the University of New Mexico researchers to be tested for capsaicin. Capsaicin is the compound within peppers that give it its spiciness. The submission that records the highest capsaicin level is truly a pepper out of this world and wins the Hottest Space Chile title for 2020.

To share your progress and to see how others are doing, check out our Facebook Page   #MyFairchild and @FairchildGarden