Burns Science Building & Classrooms

The Burns Science Building is a hub of activity for the local scientific community. Opened in 2012 as part of the DiMare Science Village, it is a home base for scientists and graduate students studying tropical biology. It is also a venue for university courses and a community meeting space. Located with Fairchild’s rainforest, the Burns Science Building is well situated for tropical botany courses that make use of living plant specimens. The adjacent Hsiao Laboratories allow instructors to integrate current botanical research into their teaching.


Equipped with digital classroom technology, the Burns Science Building includes large touchscreen displays, a variety of platforms for multimedia presentations, and video teleconferencing technology. University courses, K-12 classes, volunteer training sessions, and plant society meetings are all hosted within the classrooms.


Fairchild scientists and hosted faculty have offices the Burns Science Building, along with technical staff and postdoctoral researchers. Students enrolled in Fairchild’s Graduate Studies program may also request the use of office space. The close proximity of Fairchild scientists, university faculty, students, and volunteers fosters a dynamic, creative environment for collaboration.