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Don't forget to look up while walking through our rainforest.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This morning, around 8:30, as I was walking out of my office in the rainforest, I heard a very loud squawking noise.  I looked up and saw a pure white large bird fly over the trees.  It landed nearby and continued its raucous call.  Harvey, Rod and I walked in the direction of the sound.  We looked up to see a beautiful cockatoo perched upon the tip of a Veitchia spear leaf.  Eventually the bird flew to the east, before I could get a good photo.  We occasionally...

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I discovered something neat in our rainforest

Friday, December 21, 2007

A couple afternoons ago I was walking through the rainforest on my way to the arboretum to check some seeds I am  watching for propagation purposes.  Just before I entered the rainforest plaza I looked up and saw a Schefflera seedling sprouting from the surface of a palm leaf!  The palm is a very robust Livistona seedling with leaves held in a horizontal fashion.  Seeds in a rainforest can fall onto leaves, in the crevices among tree branches, even onto a roof of a hut or in...

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Discovering Fairchild Tropical Garden - the Rainforest

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Photo by M. Collins Rainforest waterfall I often see many people walking through the rainforest on the tram road but they don't venture onto one of the paths which are lined with beautiful plants and our wonderful stream with cascades and waterfalls. Our rainforest stream uses water from Glade Lake. Water from the lake is pumped up in a pipe under the Cycad Vista. Through gravity, the water flows down the stream which begins behind the Hawke's Lab hort office building, under the tram roads ...

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