We have another cannonball tree blooming in Fairchild.

Friday, July 18, 2008

In May, 1992 we received seeds of Couroupita guianensis from Venezuela.  The seeds were in our greenhouse when Hurricane Andrew hit just a few months later.  It survived Andrew's wrath and was planted in plot 18 in June 1994.  The young tree had to be moved to plot 45 due to the Visitors' Center construction in 1999.  In late October, 2005, Hurricane Wilma blew it down.  It was quickly propped up and voila, is now in bloom for the first time!  It's first 16 years have not been easy, but now that it is in flower, hopefully the future will be brighter.  If you are in the garden, take a look at our cannonball tree in the arboretum in plot 45, growing near our allspice tree.

Couroupita guianensis (photo by M. Collins)

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