The chill is gone

Monday, February 18, 2013


After a rainy cold front, the colors of Earth always brighter in the chill sunlight that follows. The Garden is no exception on this President's Day. Martin Feather, manager of the butterfly exhibit at the Clinton Family Conservatory, was in shirt sleeves Monday morning, relishing the 50-degree weather and grateful that so many of his charges were still alive. Volunteers brought cold-stunned butterflies into the metamorphosis lab to gradually warm up again. Some of the newly hatched butterflies were kept inside for an extra day to make sure the weather would gradually warm.

Hitch, the cattle egret who follows people and the tram, and his wood ibis friends were happily eating bugs, and a great egret stalked lizards near the Garden House loggia. Plenty of visitors enjoyed the glory of the day, including a group of red-robed monks from India who photographed themselves with cell phones.

Here's a look at the great lawn from the loggia.

A winter's day at Fairchild.




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