September 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

• The research of Dr. Hong Liu and her colleagues from China is being highlighted in the latest issue of Science (Volume 239, 24 September 2010, by R. Stone). The results of this team have important implications in the field of climatic change and orchid conservation, particularly in implementing  colonization as a management procedure. On the right: the cover photo of this article showing the area near the Yachang Orchid Preserve. Photo credit: R. Stone.

• The September issue of Botanical Review has two review papers on plant endemicity on Hainan Island by Dr. Francisco-Ortega et al. The study is part of a collaboration established in 2008 between FIU-Fairchild (Dr. Francisco-Ortega and Dr. Hong Liu) and colleagues from Ail Ain Wildlife and Resort, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Hainan University, Harvard University, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Nanjing University, and South Tropical Botanic Garden. The first paper provides a checklist of the endemic seed-plant species. The second one focus on the biogeography, conservation challenges, and molecular phylogenetic patterns of these species. On the left: the cover of this issue showing the tropical monsoon forest in the protected area of Diaoluoshan. Photo credit: Fu-De Liu. 

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