Research on Buccaneer Palm Featured on the Cover of "Palms"

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Funded by the International Palm Society, and the Center for Applied Tropical Ecology and Conservation of the Universidad de Puerto Rico, botanists from Montgomery Botanical Center (Patrick Griffith),  Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras (Eugenio Santiago-Valentin), Departmento de Recursos Naturales de Puerto Rico (Jose Sustache-Sustache), and FIU-Fairchild (Javier Francisco-Ortega) performed field studies pertinent to the conservation of Pseudophoenix sargentii on Mona Island, Puerto Rico. Results of this study have been recently published in an article in the journal Palms by Santiago-Valentin et al. (Vol. 56: 70-90). The research is being highlighted in the cover of this journal (see image on the left). Two graduate students (Cielo Figuerola-Hernandez and Jose Fumero-Caban) from the Universidad de Puerto Rico also were involved in this research. The Center for Applied Tropical Ecology and Conservation of the Universidad de Puerto Rico is funded by the National Science Foundation (HRD 0734826). Patrick Griffith was the PI of the International Palm Society grant; Eugenio Santiago-Valentin and Javier Francisco-Ortega were the co-PIs of this grant
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