Prince Bernhard Nature Fund supports exploration for a Critically Endangered endemic palm in Haiti

Saturday, January 28, 2017

As part of the grant awarded to Les Cayes Botanic Garden by the Prince Bernhard Nature Fund, Fairchild herbarium curator Dr. Brett Jestrow conducted field work and delivered a workshop on taxonomy of woody plants in southern Haiti between January 12 and 21, 2017. Supported by the University of South Florida, Dr. Alan Franck, herbarium curator of this university, participated in this trip and together with William Cinea (Director of Les Cayes Botanic Garden), they also delivered lectures during this workshop. Field work was jointly performed with botanists of Les Cayes Botanic Garden and focused on the Critically Endangered palm Attalea crassispatha, the most threatened palm species endemic to Haiti. DNA for conservation genetics studies was procured, demographic studies were performed, conservation challenges were documented, and seeds were collected for ex situ conservation initiatives centered at Les Cayes Botanic Garden. 


William Cinea delivering a lecture on plant systematics at Les Cayes Botanic Garden.

Cluster of individuals of Attalea crassispatha in habitat.

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