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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On December 8th (1:30 pm) & 9th (1:00 pm) Doug Tallamy, author of "Bringing Nature Home: Using Native Plants to Sustain Wildlife in our Gardens" will be speaking at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden's Butterfly Days.  His talks will be in the Garden House.  I know many people are interested in attracting birds, butterflies and other wildlife into their gardens. I read his book a couple years ago, and am delighted he will be here.  Jennifer Davit, former FTBG Conservatory Manager, has heard Doug speak in Chicago and highly recommends him as a dynamic speaker on a very important topic. 

Because our gardens and managed landscapes are large parts of the ecosystems that sustain bird populations, we must keep them in working order. To do that we can no longer view plants only as ornaments but must consider all of their roles when selecting them for our gardens. Tallamy will discuss the important roles native plants play in maintaining food webs vital to birds in our landscapes, emphasize the benefits of designing gardens with these roles in mind, and explore the consequences of failing to do so. Landscaping in this crowded world carries both moral and ecological responsibilities that we can no longer ignore.

Successful butterfly gardens provide both nectar sources for adult butterflies and host plants for the larval stages of butterflies. It often comes as a surprise that many butterfly host plants are native woody plant species not typically used in butterfly gardens.  Tallamy will discuss these principles as well as the fascinating butterfly behavior you will enjoy if you provide the proper host plants in your garden


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