I discovered something neat in our rainforest

Friday, December 21, 2007

A couple afternoons ago I was walking through the rainforest on my way to the arboretum to check some seeds I am  watching for propagation purposes.  Just before I entered the rainforest plaza I looked up and saw a Schefflera seedling sprouting from the surface of a palm leaf!  The palm is a very robust Livistona seedling with leaves held in a horizontal fashion.  Seeds in a rainforest can fall onto leaves, in the crevices among tree branches, even onto a roof of a hut or in our case the Living Collections and Garden Landscape's office.  Several years ago we had seedlings of our native cigar orchid Cyrtopodium punctatum sprouting on the roof of our building!  This is all possible due to the regular rainfall or in our case, irrigation.

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 Photo by M. Collins

 Schefflera seedling growing on Livistona leaf


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