FIU-Fairchild Scientist Organize International Symposium on Orchid Conservation with Colleagues from China

Thursday, May 31, 2012

FIU-Fairchild Scientist Dr. Hong Liu, together with Dr. Yibo Luo (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and the provincial Forestry Bureau of Guangxi, organized the 3rd Guangxi International Orchid Symposium. The symposium was held in May 25-27th, 2012, in Nanning and the Yachang National Orchid Nature Preserve. Twelve international and more than 80 Chinese participants attended this event, including the Vice Governor of Guangxi Autonomous Region, Dr. Chen Zhangliang, who is leading biodiversity conservation initiatives in this region. Distinguished participants included  Associate Dean of FIU College of Arts and Sciences for Research and Engagement, Dr. Mike Maunder, Dr. Richard Primack of Boston University (Conservation Biology and Plant Ecology Laboratory) and Chief Editor of Biological Conservation, and Dr. Ma Keping, former Director of Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Hong Liu and her FIU-Fairchild graduate student Ms. Wuying Lin (recently awarded with the prestigious Best Graduate Student Award by the College of Arts and Science, FIU) each gave presentations based on their research in the Yachang Preserve. Also present were two FIU undergraduate students, Haydee Borrero and Paul Nunez, both are Fairchild Challenge alumni. Images of symposium. Top row: Dr. Hong Liu answering questions from the audience during her presentation. Middle row: from let to right: Dr. Ma Keping, Dr. Richard Primack, and Dr. Mike Maunder deliveting their presentations. Bottom row: from left to right: Haydee Borrero, Paul Nunez, Vice Governor  Dr. Chen Zhangliang, and Dr. Hong Liu.



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