Fairchild Orchid Biologist Conducts Conservation Research in China

Thursday, August 24, 2017

In June 2017 our orchid biologist Dr. Jason Downing returned to China to continue ongoing research related to orchid conservation at Yachang National Orchid Reserve in Guangxi Province. The work aimed to train graduate students from Guangxi University in orchid micropropagation techniques and orchid mycorrhiza biology. Activities developed during his work included experiments testing the effects of temperature on the germination and development of orchids that were translocated out of their natural range. Species included the rare lady slipper orchids, Paphiodelium hirsutissimum and P. dianthum, as well as Cymbidium aloifolium, C. bicolor, and C. tracyanum. This initiative was sponsored by and implemented through a grant awared to FIU Faculty and Fairchild Researcher Dr. Hong Liu from the National Natural Science Foundation of China in partnership with Dr. Uromi Goodlale of Guangxi University. This research is a continuation of a study that resulted in a recent paper published in the international journal Biological Conservation (Vol. 212: 29-36, 2017).
Photos, Top: Countryside in Guangxi Province. Middle: Cymbidium bicolor in habitat. Bottom: Research team at Yachang National Orchid Preserve.

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