Enhancing Research Links with the Bahamas National Trust

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Two FIU faculty with formal links with Fairchild traveled to Eleuthera (the Bahamas) between November 14 and 16. Dr. Javier Francisco-Ortega, Head of the FIU-FTBG Molecular Laboratory and Dr. Alejandro Barbieri from FIU-Biology made a visit to the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve (Bahamas National Trust) where Dr. Barbieri delivered a talk entitled "Plant sources of anti-cancer agents: from herbal plant extract to pure compounds." This talk is part of a project funded by the International Center for Tropical Botany that has been led by Dr. Barbieri to survey natural products of Tropical plants. This project involved  students from TERRA Environmental Research Institute High School and has been done in close association with the Curator of the Fairchild Herbarium Dr. Brett Jestrow. During this visit there were discussions for future projects that will enhance the current academic/research ties with the Bahamas National Trust. Bahamas National Trust botanist Dr. Ethan Freid and Leon Levy Site Manager Ms. Falon Cartwright hosted Dr. Barbieri and Dr. Francisco-Ortega during this visit. Image below. Left: Dr. Francisco-Ortega, Dr. Freid and Ms. Cartwright at Lighthouse Point, southern Eleuthera. Right: Ms. Cartwright and Dr. Barbieri at the Leon Levy Preserve.

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