Delegation from the Bahamas Visits the Garden to Gain Insights on Botanic Garden Infrastructures

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A delegations from the Bahamas National Trust (Falon Cartwright, Mark Daniels, and Omar Mcklewhite) and the Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority (Chairman Senator Greg Burrows, Director Bruce Walker, Landscape Architect Andre Grant, and Board Member Pericles Mailis) visited the Garden during the week of our recent Orchid Festival. The main aim of this visit was to gain insights pertinent to botanic garden management, outreach, landscaping, and design. The delegation was hosted by members of our Horticulture (Chad Husby, Jason López, and Marlon Rumble) and Science Departments (Brett Jestrow and Javier Francisco-Ortega). During their stay in South Florida they also visited Montgomery Botanical Center and the Naples Botanic Garden. Plans for future conservation biology and systematics with species of Agave endemic to the Bahama Archipelago were also discussed. Image below L-R: P. Mailis, F. Cartwright, G. Burrows, B. Walker, Andrea Grant, C. Husby, and M. Daniels.

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