Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Publication of "Flora of the Bahama Archipelago" - Plant Hunting in the Bahamas

Monday, March 26, 2012

As part of our initiatives to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the publication of the Bahama flora we are re-building the Bahamian living collections of Fairchild and developing new plots for Bahamian plants at the recently established preserve on Eleuthera (The Leon Levy Nature Plant Preserve). In March 2012, our Brett Jestrow and Jason Lopez joined Ethan Freid (botanist of the Bahamas National Trust) and Mark Daniels (director of The Leon Levy Nature Plant Preserve) to follow the steps of the three Fairchild’s taxonomists who developed the flora of Bahamas project: William Gillis, Donovan Correll, and Helen Correll. The team traveled to North Andros and Eleuthera to search for plants. The expedition resulted in a collection of over 90 seeds/cuttings samples from over 70 species that are already growing in the nursery at Fairchild and the Leon Levy Nature Plant Preserve. In addition, many epiphytes were collected including orchids and bromeliads for this nature preserve. Image below, left: From left to right: Ethan Freid, Brett Jestrow, Jason Lopez, and Mark Daniels.

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