A perfect tree!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Eugenia confusa, redberry stopper, is native to South Florida, the Keys and the West Indies.  It is considered endangered in Florida.  Redberry stopper is an evergreen small tree or large shrub which slowly grows to about 20 feet and can serve many purposes in the landscape. The opposite leaves with interesting, elongated drip tips, emerge reddish turning a medium green several weeks later.  The straight trunk is covered by distinctive finely divided bark.  The canopy remains dense, even in partial shade. White or cream-yellow flowers have numerous, showy stamens that are yellow in color. These flowers occur in axillary clusters in May or June.  The edible fruits are small, drupe-like, juicy red berries which are globose and very showy.   The small stature and narrow crown make the redberry stopper an excellent choice for a small yard or a confined space.  This species may be seen in Plots 3B, 46, 64.




Eugenia confusa
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