A monstrous beauty of a beetle

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Stenodontes chevrolati is the name, but you can call it a longhorn beetle. Longhorn beetles fall within the Cerambycidae family, so-called because of their usually very well-developed antennae.

While some longhorn beetles harm trees, many are recyclers of dead—or nearly dead—wood. This formidable fellow (actually I'm guessing female) was found by our horticulture staff inside the trunk of a dead and decomposing Cecropia tree, along with a few large and voracious larvae that were busy chewing their way through the wood.

Stenodontes chevrolati, found in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and South East Florida

Not as scary as it looks; I handled this beetle and it was quite tame, though eager to scurry away.

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