Fairchild Plant Sales

Your chance to buy a Fairchild plant!

Every year, Fairchild has two plant sales, the Spring Plant Sale and the Members' Day Plant Sale. While Fairchild hosts many plant sales throughout the year, these two feature many rare, native, and otherwise incredible plants representing a huge range of plant families, and all grown by our expert staff in our nearby nursery.

Some of the plants we offer are species newly collected by our own staff and never before—or very rarely—offered for sale in the country. These include plants and varieties from Southeast Asia, Tropical America, and the Caribbean. Imagine, a chance to own a plant not available anywhere else, unless of course you travel to the often-remote places where our staff legally collect plants, seeds, and/or cuttings to be propagated at the Fairchild nursery!

Some sale plants are extremely rare in the wild, so by growing them at your home, you can help preserve and expand their population's genetic diversity.