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My Favorite Hedge - Simpson's Stopper

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Many people have Ficus benjamina, which can quickly become a huge tree, hedges which require regular pruning and now there is a whitefly which is killing it in south Florida. My favorite hedge is Myrcianthes fragrans, Simpson's stopper, which is a native of hammocks of south Florida and Tropical America. This shrub or small tree grows to 20 feet tall. It makes a great hedge and is a low maintenance alternative to the commonly used ficus hedge. Simpson's stopper's silvery gray to warm brown ...

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A Limpkin in the garden!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This morning while I was walking near Glade Lake, I was delighted to see a limpkin walking along the shoreline!  It was hunting snails for his breakfast perhaps.  Fairchild is actually a great place to see birds.  A few days ago, I saw two white-crowned pigeons in the Keys Coastal Habitat.  Next time you visit, remember to look at the plants....and the birds!...

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