You can almost hear the plants growing.....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our summer rainy season has begun.  Our winter and spring at Fairchild was sunny and dry; extremely dry.  Now that we've received more than 10 inches of rain since mid-May, the plants in the garden are bursting with new growth and lots of flowers.  You can almost hear the plants growing!  Our lawns are carpets of green, creating enticing pathways to investigate, off-road, other inner portions of Fairchild.

I believe that Fairchild is at it's absolutely most beautiful during the summer!  Come visit!  Temperatures are warm, but there are lots of shady places in the garden to visit.  Plot 27, behind the Madagascar Spiny Forest, has many gingers and ginger relatives which are bursting forth with beautiful flowers and foliage.  During the dry season, many are completely dormant.  Walk under the shade of our beautiful vine pergola and drink in the sight and fragrances of the tropics.  Our ylang-ylang trees, one adjacent to the Visitors Center, and the other in our rainforest, are full of flowers which have a heavenly, much sought-after perfume.

Speaking of the rainforest; this is the best time to walk on the shaded pathways, along our special stream with cascades and waterfalls.  Did you know that the stream uses water from Glade Lake?  Water from the lake is pumped uphill, underground along the cycad vista.  It then emerges in plot 133 at the beginning of the stream and flows back down, under the tram roads and eventually back to Glade Lake.  Come explore the rainforest and sit awhile on a bench to watch the stream cascade or just to read a book.  Fairchild is at its best right now.  Don't miss it!

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