What is that purple flowering tree in our rainforest?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

In recent days I've been asked about the tree in the rainforest which is currently flowering.  Showy purple flowers appear in the canopy of the Fairchild rainforest.  It is Carpodiptera ameliae, a member of the Tiliaceae family, native to Central America.  Commonly called mountain pear, it is a  30-40' tall tree with large evergreen leaves.  In July and August, a profusion of  panicles with many small lavender-rose colored flowers are produced.  If you want to see Fairchild's mountain pear, stand near Glade Lake and look west toward plot 151.



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<td class= Carpodiptera ameliae - mountain pear flowering now in Fairchild's rainforest in plot 151  






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