Very cold, so button up

Monday, December 13, 2010

The orchid houses are covered and tonight I'll run an oscillating sprinkler under the benches in one house to try and keep the temperature raised somewhat.

High winds make it difficult to
keep sheets on plants, so tie or
use bricks to keep edges down..

Cattleyas, cymbidiums and nobile dendrobiums are not likely to be bothered by tonight's chill, but the phalaenopsis, oncidiums, bulbophyllyms and vandaceous orchids have  been brought insiderammatophyllums are inside, along with prized aroids that are not in the ground. The back porch looks like a florist's shop, while the back yard has large lumps of variously patterned and colored sheets being wind-whipped. (Did we really buy those sheets once?)

The wind can steal the water from a plant but if it stays windy overnight there's a chance frost won't occur. On clear, still nights the cold can be very damaging. Still, the Weather Service says wind chill will make it feel like 20 to 30 degrees.

Get to work, then stay warm.