Conservation in action: Removal of invasive Lumnitzera racemosa (Combretaceae) from the Matheson Hammock Park

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

On Friday January 19 our plant conservation team (Jennifer Possley, James Lange, and Gaby Placido) led a community activity to remove the highly invasive Lumnitzera racemosa (Combretaceae) from Matheson Hammock Park, and also from the Garden. Forty volunteer biologists from all over Florida joined this initiative, resulting in the removal of 260 plants throughout the 19-acre footprint of this mangrove plant. The participants were from Miami-Dade, Broward and several state/federal agencies. Last year 119 plants were removed but only 20 volunteers joined our conservation team. For comparison, the first round of contractors in 2019 eliminated approximately 20,000 stems. Photos, Top: Activity participants. Bottom: Front row, Gaby Placido (L), Jennifer Possley (R); back row, James Lange (L), Ray Morris (R).