Spring is coming...finally!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It has been an interesting winter to say the least!  In my 37 years in South Florida, I've not experienced a winter so cool for so long.  Many plants lost their leaves due to the extreme cold temperatures in January and have been in "hibernation mode" ever since.  In the last few days, warmer temperatures and some warm showers are helping the sleeping trees and shrubs to wake up slowly and start producing new leaves. 

Propagating for our plant sales has been almost totally collecting, cleaning, and planting seeds.  This fall and winter I have been refrigerating some of our native grass seeds and wildflower species for a few weeks prior to planting.  Refrigeration of seeds has proven to be helpful in getting good germination from some of our native species.  Some of our native grasses grow into beautiful, round clumps.

I hope to do some hiking in the Everglades this weekend.  Springtime in the glades prairies is a beautiful time with many plants in bloom and mosquitos still not bothersome.