Shopping at the Ramble

Friday, November 13, 2015

First, an eggplant. Looks lonely.

   So more plants. But more room!

 Finally, the humble little cart is full.

The Ramble got underway early this morning and plant folks were right there, ready to scoop up the goodies.

The antiques and collectibles voluteers in the Garden House were doing a booming business.

The Rare Fruit Council had a luscious display as did many other vendors, including wood-turners, herbs, candles, ice cream, and the list goes on.

Saturday and Sunday the cooking demonstrations and talks are scheduled throughout the day. Learn how to plant and care for palms, grow vegetables in a raised bed, cook seasonally plentiful squash and much more.

Oh, yes. Bring a big plant cart! The orchids, bromeliads, aroids, crotons, palms, carnivorous plants and even African violets are waiting to be taken home.