Seeing the famous cigar orchid

Monday, April 6, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, we hiked into Everglades National Park to find the area that taxonomist John Kunkel Small raved about after finding an orchid-filled hammock in 1916. Just outside the hammock is the Cyrtopodium punctatum or cigar orchid that must be the most awseome  native orchid I've ever seen.


 Then over Easter weekend, we visited Wakodahatchee Wetlands near Delray Beach. A man-made wetlands, it is the nesting site of many wading birds, including wood storks, egrets, herons, ducks, stilts and even limpkins. The water's fairly low, but fish still are plentiful. Hopefully not too many more chicks will hatch as we go into the peak of the dry season. The wood stork youngsters, shown below, are nearing adolescence.