Reflection and Evaluation

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Many of the presentations asked, “How are we doing?” Several gave accounts of successes and lessons learned.  Reflection and evaluation is part of what I’ve been doing in the past year regarding our rare plant reintroductions.  It’s what my presentation was about – a review of the reintroductions we have done, what factors have contributed to success, and how these relate to the possible need to move plants in the face of climate change. 

There is a nice synergy that happens at meetings, where I can talk to others doing work like my own and learn from their experiences or commiserate about common concerns.  And it is always inspiring to be in the presence of so many hard working, dedicated practitioners, to know that I am part of a global community working to conserve the earth’s beauty.  I loved the presentation by William Jordan III, who reminded us that it is important to practice ecocentric restoration – a practice that is not about us humans, but is about appreciating nature for its own sake. 

Where better place to appreciate the beauty of nature than this amazing Australia!