Pretty in pink

Monday, October 18, 2010

This wonderful Ceiba speciosa is stopping traffic.

It's at the corner of San Remo Avenue and Yumuri Street in Coral Gables. As I was taking this photo, another woman stopped to do the same, and a third walked by to say she took a picture Sunday and sent it to friends in Seattle "to show them why I return to Miami every year."

A floss silk or Ceiba speciosa that has many admirers.

The color is spectacular, but so is the shape. This year, the tree started opening blooms on the west side of its canopy, and I worried that those flowers would fall before the rest of the buds opened. Obviously that didn't happen.

The tree is from South America -- Brazil and Argentina. The species has found a spot in the heart of Coral Gables city administrators. It is appearing in several of the round-abouts that have replaced four-way stops.

Fairchild's tree is quite a bit larger, so watch for more pink. Nice of the trees to open during Breast Cancer Awareness Month when we're all wearing pink.