Plants for the birds

Friday, October 30, 2009

The necklace pod is attractive to


Insect-eating birds, such as warblers, gnatcatchers, flycatchers and vireos, love wild tamarinds. And so that tree will be among the bird-attracting plants Leslie Veber’s Jungle Garden is providing for Bird Day’s plant sale. These little birds also are attracted to shortleaf fig, green buttonwood, satin leaf, firebush, wild sage and Florida privet, so these are going to be on sale, too. Leslie worked with Roger Hammer’s list of bird-attracting native plants to guide her selection. For the fruit and seed eating birds – the mockingbirds, catbirds, blue jays and cedar waxwings – look for shortleaf fig (a waxwing favorite), Bahama strongback and little Bahama strongback, lignum vitae, three different stoppers, fire bush and American beautyberry. Hummingbirds are birds, too. And hummer plants for sale will include necklace pod, live oak, seven-year apple, coral bean, the strongbacks and firebush.