Plants for table, garden at the fest

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Farm fresh herbs and a mascot chicken.

Organic herbs and veggies, worm farms, jars of honey, crisp fresh produce, and row after row of expertly grown landscape plants worked their charm on visitors to Fairchild’s Food and Garden

Shopping for Fairchild's plants.

Festival Saturday. Perhaps if was Friday’s rain that made everything seem so brilliantly colorful, but something nearly magical made the Food and Garden Fest special.

Lectures on urban gardens in South Florida, cooking

Buy worms or worm castings.


demonstrations and “pop up” lectures on summer veggies and recommended garden plants drew fans who wanted to learn from the experts.The 32nd annual spring plant sale was so busy early Saturday that staff members were hastily recruited to help backyard gardeners pay for plants filling carts like so many


A monarch on milkweed in the
sales plants.

mini gardens on wheels. So, whether you want to grow food or flowers, or just enjoy some tropical fruit ice cream and take in the scene, the fun continues on Sunday.