Peachy flowers, fallen flowers

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Delicate flowers of the peach blossom cassia.

It first appeared in South Florida in 2005, but has been a rock star ever since. This Cassia bakeriana, which the Garden is calling “peach blossom cassia,” originally emigrated from Thailand as dwarf apple blossom cassia. It flowers from March through May, opening pink and fading to white. The Garden’s young tree was planted in 2006. The tree, like most flowering trees, is drought tolerant once it has become established in the landscape.

The pink shaving brush tree, Pseudobombax ellipticum, is creating a carpet of color beneath its bare branches right now. Sometimes the fallen flowers are just as beautiful as those in the air. And in this case, you are better able to examine them.

You won't get a pain in the neck looking at these flowers.