Moving plants

Friday, February 11, 2011

To prepare for the the new state-of-the-art Science Village, Tropical Research Labs, Café and Conservatory the horticulture team moved several important plants. We realized that this would be necessary to make room for the new buildings and Conservatory shade house.

Among the palms to be moved were five Cryosophila williamsii, wild collected in Honduras by Dr. Scott Zona. This species of Cryosophila is restricted to steep, high-rainfall slopes of the Lago Yojoa watershed in west-central Honduras. We needed to move these special palms carefully and get them established in their new home, Fairchild's very own, rainforest. They appear to be thriving in their new location.



 C.  williamsii on a tree dolly prepared for moving into FTBG's rainforest.







One of three Cryosophila williamsii palms in the rainforest