Me, the Ecological Society and the Holy Ghost

Monday, August 2, 2010


Albuquerque – The excitement is palpable as the Ecological Society of America meetings open.  I’m looking forward to listening to stimulating talks and reconnecting with friends.  While here, I took the opportunity to visit an old endangered species friend of mine, the Holy Ghost Ipomopsis.  Believed to be a newly arisen species, this species is known from a single canyon in northern New Mexico.  I tracked its population there for about 12 years, often with my daughter Mira in tow.  I can’t see those beautiful hot pink flowers without thinking of my field assistant rolling up measuring tapes by the side of the road.  




I had a special treat and captured a photo of a flower visitor!  Since reproduction is one of this species’ challenges it was good to see potential pollination happening.  The canyon is a gorgeous place, rich with wildflowers like the photo of this purple aster.  The Pecos River provides the sound track for the experience. 

Skies are crisp clear blue in the morning and give way to thunderstorms in the afternoon.