Let the chocolate begin

Friday, January 20, 2012

Samples everywhere.

A perfect winter morning got the chocolate festival off to a beautiful start Friday. Chocolatiers in the Garden House had such tempting samples on display that few could resist.

Millie with her cake.

But the food vendors had some scrumptous offerings, too. Millie, the M of M&L Carib Conchs, made a chocolate cake that seemed to epitomize the event.

However, there also were vegan chocolates, teas and spices and kettle corn to sample.

Oncidium Sharry Baby smelled as wonderfully of chocolate as the real thing.

Black sapote offering.

At the fruit pavilion, the cacao tree's chocolate pods were high up but impressive, while outside you could sample the exotic flavors of canistel and black sapote.

And should you find yourself full to the brim with chocolate and in need of a short break to refresh your taste buds, wander into the Conservatory, where the Amherstia nobilis, the Pride of Burma, is flowering. It is a lovely sight, one that is not that often seen in our part of the world.

Amherstia nobilis.