It was “snowing” in the lowlands this morning…..

Friday, August 28, 2009

Early this morning, I was collecting seeds of our pineland crotons to grow on for sales and special projects.  As I was walking from our pineland back to my office, I noticed that the sign for Mark di Suvero’s ‘She’ had “snow” on it.  I also saw that the grass in the area had “snow” as well.  I looked up, up, up, into the crown of the nearest royal palm and saw that it was flowering.  The huge inflorescence of the palm was a creamy white hue, buzzing with bees which were knocking off pollen in the process of moving from one flower to another.  The “snow” was royal palm pollen!   No snow in August in Miami, just palm pollen!

I took these photos about 7:30 this morning, during the time when the first touch of the sun casts a golden glow.  The royal palm inflorescence is actually much whiter than it appears in the photo. 



royal palm inflorescence full of pollen and bees!  













The pollen drifting upon the sign looked like snow